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Cloud Remote Backups


With more and more businesses relying on technology for their day to day operation it has become increasingly important to make sure your information is securely backed up in case of accidental deletion, corruption or server failure. Our Remote Backup services employ Military grade encryption so you’ll know your data is secure.

Our remote backup services are fully compliant to meet the security requirements of consumer data protection regulations.

Security Features Include

  • PCI (Payment Cart Industry)
  • HIPAA, SAS 70 Type II
  • SSAE 16
  • US EU SafeHarbor

Unlimited Version Archiving

Our system will maintain copies of your changed files for the duration of your account. If a file that was backed up six months ago was accidentally deleted one month ago – we can still recover it and with the Continuous Data Protection Option we can automatically back up your important files as soon as a change is detected.

Server Systems Backup

Our Remote Backup services are not limited to just files. With the Bare Metal ImageCreator service we can back up entire machines, including the Operating System and Applications allowing you to return to a fully operational state should your servers suffer a major outage. We can also backup individual applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and MS SQL.

How Much Does It Cost?

Remote Backup pricing can vary widely depending on your needs.

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