Vallarta Express

Vallarta Express



Vallarta Express is your way to get the best and most delicious freshMex fast! If your hunger is as fierce as your craving you’ll love the monstrous portions they serve. Whether you fancy dining in or grab ‘n’ going, it’s hard to go wrong with their extensive menu. Everything from Surf & Turf Burritos to our Buffalo Chicken Tacos are out of this world. Their mouthwatering breakfast burritos are served all day! Order a la carte or go for our combo plates featuring rice and beans. Don’t forget to add their famous Carne Asada Fries!

Case Study

Vallarta Express approached us with two distinct problems they wanted to solve. First, their current website at the time was severely outdated and used technologies that weren’t even being used anymore. Needless the say, the site was not mobile friendly at all which reduced their capability to bring in leads from mobile users. Second, Vallarta Express had almost no social media what so ever. They were in dire need of a strategic social media campaign to engage with their customers, particularly the ‘late-night crowd’ which was responsible for most of their business.

Hydrus Technology Solutions quickly built a modern, SEO optimized, mobile friendly website that allowed their customers to quickly search for locations and menu items. Powered by Google Analytics, Vallarta Express is now capable of tracking what menu items their customers go to most on their site and what locations they most commonly look up. This ability has given Vallarta Express the knowledge and power to know what coupons and locations are working the most.

In addition, Hydrus Technology Solutions built a social media campaign from the ground up for Vallarta Express. Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram we are able to consistently engage with Vallarta Express’ customers and build brand awareness among their visitors. We also built Google Business pages for all their locations to increase the awareness of their many locations to consumers.