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The New Business Card

Sharing your business card with potential leads is the old fashioned way of networking. In today’s digital age you can connect with hundreds of people everyday within seconds. We’re not talking about social media – we’re talking about your new business card. Accessible from both desktop and mobile platforms you can instantly send your vCard to hundreds of people at once. You’ll be able to share your contact information with a simple text message or email. No more fumbling with dozens of cards in your wallet or pockets.

With powerful but easy to use tools you can customize your vCard to show off your true potential.

From a desktop computer to mobile devices you can share your vCard with anyone, at anytime, anywhere!

vCard Platforms

Enjoy the simplicity of attending a conference or seminar and rather than fumbling for your business card you can simply send a quick text or email with a link to your vCard.
Fast, efficient and simple.

vCard Mobile

Compatible on any Device

vCard Customization

Easy to Customize

Show not only your favorite colors but your true potential.

Powerful but easy to use tools help you customize your vCard and make it personalized to fit you.

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